Student FAQ's



A) Not Compulsory. Just Search and if you find a teacher that suits your need and want to further communicate or want to have a demo class then TuitionRoom Registration is compulsory.


2) Is that 1-to-1 LIVE?

A) Yes. The classroom will be 1-to-1 LIVE session. This enables you to know more from teacher and clarify your doubts


3) Which Browser should I use?

A) The website works normally with all latest browsers but for classroom you need to login with latest version of Google Chrome.


4) What do I need before I start for a classroom session?

A) The application works on Android Smartphones and Tablets. However it also works on latest PC/LAPTOP with Internet Connection. Also make sure that you have Latest version of Google Chrome.


5) How am I benefited through

A) Firstly its ONLINE....You need not go anywhere for attending class. It is secure. Its 1-to-1 class which is personalized to you. It’s always better than recorded lectures and classroom sessions.


B) Registration is Quick and easy.Knowing better standards through online tutoring for students and parents.


6) How much do I pay for an Hour for online classroom?

A) Depends on teacher you choose. First take a single class for FREE and does not charge from any student. The pricing for sessions are decided by teacher and are paid to teacher through For any further support contact


7) What should I do if I am not satisfied with first session?

A) Take another teacher’s session too. You will surely be satisfied with our talented and approved teachers.


8) Can I pay online?

A) Yes. You can pay online.


9) How can I communicate if I have any problem?

A) Just drop a mail to