Teacher FAQ's


1) Is it mandatory to register myself as a teacher ?

A) Yes. This allows that you are listed in the top search of the student thereby increasing your number of sessions


2) Is that 1-to-1 LIVE?

A) Yes. The classroom will be 1-to-1 LIVE session. This enables you to know more from student about their doubts.OfCourse peer-to-peer and 1-to-many session also available. Please contact support@tuitionroom.com for more details.


3) Which Browser should I use?

A) The website works normally with all latest browsers but for classroom you need to login with latest version of Google Chrome.


4) What do I need before I start for a classroom session?

A) The application works on Android Smartphones and Tablets. However it also works on latest PC/LAPTOP with Internet Connection. Also make sure that you have Latest version of Google Chrome.


5) How am I benefited through tuitionroom.com?

A) Firstly its ONLINE....You need not go anywhere for taking class. It is secure and safe.


6) What are the benefits of tuitionroom?

A) Registration is Quick and easy. A good opportunity for earning extra income for tutors. Knowing better standards through online tutoring for students and parents.


7) How much do I get for an Hour for online classroom?

A) charges are per tuition session, ie., 45mins for one session instead of one hour.You can deside your price per session and publish at tuitionroom.com


8) When will I get payment after I take the classes?

A) Based on the number of sessions taken, you will be paid on fortnightly/monthly basis


9) What should I do if I don’t receive my payment?

A) All your payments will be credited to your BANK ACCOUNT details provided during registration on monthly basis.


10) How can I communicate if I have any problem?

A) Just drop a mail to support@tuitionroom.com or info@tuitionroom.com