How TuitionRoom Works,a part of has launched a new programme for Institutes which helps all the students and teachers of the institute to train and learn through common platform.We give full comfort to institutes during their training sessions for the students and teachers registered through them.Training Institutes can utilize our features in two methods.

  1. Developer API: This method includes integration of our API in the institutes's own website.In this method will just provide API but payment and maintenance will be handled by the institute.
  2. Dedicated WebPage: This method includes a seperate dedicated webpage for the institute on the API support,payment integration and maintenance are taken care by
Following are features for Institutes:
1) Registration of Teacher and student throuh API.
2) Control Panel for Admin
3) Payment Management.
4) Class or session scheduling
5) Daily,weekly and Monthly Reports.
6) Social Media Plugins.
7) Dedicated webpage on
8) Unlimited Number of students per session.
9) Unlimited Number of sessions perclass.
10) Simple,safe,secure and easy to integrate.