Institute FAQ's

1) Does Institute registration compulsory?

A) Yes.For more details contact

2) What are the benefits for Institutes?

A) Institutes can utilize our LIVE classroom and all other features on to their website through API or can have a dedicated webpage at

3) Is that 1-to-1 LIVE or One-to-many?

A) It can be One-to-one or one-to-many as per the institutes requirement.

4) Which Browser should I use?

A) The website works normally with all latest browsers but for classroom you need to login with latest version of Google Chrome.

5) What do I need before I start for a classroom session?

A) You need to have a PC/LAPTOP with Internet Connection. Also be ready with Headphones for hearing and MIC set. Also make sure that you have latest version of Google Chrome.

6) How do I choose the method to register at

A) Its simple.First confirm yourself whether you need URL or not.If you need URL then go for Dedicated webpage else go for Developer API.

7) What are the benefits of Developer API menthod?

A) Developer API will have all functionalities of tuitionroom in the form of API so that the institute can call all methods through API in their website.

8) What are the benefits of Dedicated webpage menthod?

A) This is similar to having a seperate dedicated webpage for institute from from start all the functionalities and maintenance are taken care by

9) How much charge for Institute?

A) For more details related to pricing for institutes contact

10) How can I communicate if I have any problem?

A) Just drop a mail to or

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