Life at times, throws us in a whirlpool of dilemmas, where we are lost and really wish for help, to guide us through and show the right direction..!

In school or college, we face situations, which makes us go through trips of inferiority complex and feel low in confidence which, we are embarrassed to talk to our friends and family just with a fear of being laughed about or being judged! During Exams, inspite of studying and investing a lot of hard work, we forget and start to panic and wonder why does this happen? As a parent you want a professional perspective but scared to take your child to a psychological help thinking about the society stigma!

If you are on the same line of thoughts, then you are on the right page.


Few areas of expertise are:

Behavioral Problems

Exam fear

Adolescent issues

Dealing with peer pressure

School and academic problems

Depression, Anxiety and other.

Why Online Counselling?

It is unfortunate but true that counselling and the name psychologist still holds a lot of stigma in our society. It is very common to think that if we are going to a psychologist that means that we are mentally ill or unstable. which is not TRUE at all!

Psychological Counselling can be sought for any everyday problems that you face in school, home, family, siblings etc. from your home at your comfort.
And this is where online Counselling can be the perfect platform.

-It creates an absolute confidential environment for you to share your deepest secrets and concerns with complete Anonymity
-Speak to an expert without wondering what if your family and friends come to know.
-No travelling to any clinic or visiting a hospital,
-No disturbance to your regular schedule.

You can visit a psychologist sitting at your convenient place and at your convenient time.

So book your appointment now!

(Please note that the below mentioned details will be solely required for the counselling purpose and will be kept confidential, not limited to an emergency situation
or other exceptions that goes against the ethics of the treatment.)